Founded in 2005, the Active LaboratoryInc.specializes in research and development of vegetable active ingredients and / or antimicrobial properties that fight against bacteria, yeasts and fungiOur mission is to create high quality ingredients and biosecurity that help to prevent diseaseOur main objective is the health and well-being of individuals and their communitiesincluding the environment.

The product family of Active LaboratoryInc. provides a platform security in several applications.

Antimicrobial & natural solution CitrusDefence® with large broad-spectrumwater solubleis the main component of our DermAction cosmetics range of products.

Ongoing research in our laboratory and with leading academic researchers continues to define all potential applications for CitrusDefence® and the expansion of the DermAction cosmetics range.

Based in Quebec, Canadawe distribute our products worldwide and work with international regulatory administrations for the certification or licensing that ensure Active Laboratory, Inc.'s customers efficacy, safety and quality.


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