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The DermAction products range works on the principle of synergy of organic acids. This principle is known since 1930. In short, if you want to keep safe a food, just put it in vinegar or lemon. Acids kill bacteria. Our grandmothers knew all this ...

Unless any room with a sour taste, it was necessary to develop artificial preservatives which today concern to consumers. Because this approach has spread not only to food but also cosmetics and many other fields ... Over time has occurred awareness of the public. We want to return to natural products, effective and meeting the organic human potential. An issue was thus presented: we had to find the compelling benefits of synergies of organic acids, but without the disadvantages. Organic acids are  super efficient 
antibacterials, much more effective than chlorine, without poisons, without attacking the body, but they were terribly bitter taste and strong odor. Even worse, the acid extraction process in grapefruit seeds, for example, is through the use of quaternary amoniums. these remains in the solutions offered for sale (thereby increasing their effectiveness). But now, the quaternary amoniums are toxic for human consumption. Nevertheless, the use of synergies of organic acids, that is to say, bioflavonoids, in cosmetics is very interesting and particularly well documented.

So what is CitrusDefence, the famous active principle common to all products in the DermAction?

It is a synergy of organic acids, to well known principles, but it is the result of the latest technologies of extraction and purification that make it:

- A very stable product,

- Free of bitter taste and odor (at the dilution recommended),

- And no quaternary ammonium, because it is made from the pericarp of citrus fruit, not seeds.

CitrusDefence therefore has no equivalent. So now discover the range of products DermAction

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