Our Products

There are currently three products in the DermAction range (click the links):

  • The Natural Antibacterial Acne-Prone Skin Microfoam Cleanser.
  • The Natural Antibacterial Foot Cleanser.
  • The Natural Antibacterial Hand Microfoam Cleanser.
  • CitrusDefence concentrate


Of course, our range will expand to best meet your needs.

Several products are currently in preparation, including:

- A natural antibacterial noze Cleaner-lubricant.

- Douching soft, natural and antibacterial.

- A natural antibacterial mouthwash.

All our products meet the requirements of Health Canada's cosmetics. We are proud to guarantee the exclusive use of natural ingredients of the highest quality, carefully measured to give your body the care, softness and security while fully effective.

Full DermAction range is proudly produced in Canada by the highest standards. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question, comment or suggestion for us to perfect the quality of our products and service.

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